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TESTIMONIALS - some of the Success Stories

Bharat from Sussex, UK, recently wrote; - I have too date spend thousands on various training courses on futures, options and forex, but to be honest all of them have been disappointing. Your low price study material has been absolutely brilliant and has given me great confidence.

Not only have I had few losing trades, but my confidence has grown in running my profits and go with the trends, In past I was always willing to let my losses run and snatch my profits! I have today just closed a Trade on GBP/USD with a gain of 288 pips, with a £10 spreadbet - I have made a nice juicy £2,880 profit!

The greatest part of the course was the assistance I got in my Psychology, The discipline to create a system which was mine, and sitting down and creating a Traders Plan - without your help, I would simply not have achieve this success. I really appreciate your Weekly Trades & Educational email with great interest, as my learning process continues.

Jeff from London UK, wrote - Thanks for being such a great mentor, Your course is simply simple! So easy to follow. I have just done my first live trade, after practing on a demo account for 3 months - My first gain of 27 pips.

Barry from USA wrote - After my first 2 losing trades, stopped out for 20 points, My third trade gave me a massive 107 pips profit!. My fourth trade, did a short this morning on the EUR already 55 pips in profit and have now moved the stop loss to breakeven, I have another winner here. I doing what I learnt from your course - Cut your losses and let the profits run. Thank you.

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Sue from London wrote - Amazing!!! - yet again made another profitable trade. 45 pips this time. This is by far the easiest trading system I have ever seen. Your Weekly 4Xmentor emails are very useful and inspiring, can I suggest that you have a weekly Video Conferencing, that way it would be nice to listen to your comments and also learn from what your students are doing!

ED - This is coming shortly, Watch the space!

Vilas from London wrote - I have finished reading your ebook , I must say that I am impressed. It is well written and easy to follow, with so many charts and examples. Often you read many trading books, but very little examples for real trades! I must say you are my FX Guru! Thank you

Peter from Australia wrote - After putting your system in practice, I am pleased to say that it has become part of my Trading Plan - I have now devised my own Entry/Exit points using your methods, and so far after 10 trades, the summary is as follows;

Total Winning Trades 325 pips
Total Losing Trades 98 pips
Total Pips Gain 227 pips

Mushtaq from Dubai wrote - In just 2 months of my Trading, I doubled my Capital! I have stopped looking at single stocks and futures - Why trade them when you have huge volatility in Forex! This volatility can work in your favour, if you know what you are doing!

ED - Well done Mushtaq, everything is possible with right Trading Plans - most importantly always have a sound money management.

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